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25 Holiday Beers, Day 4: Full Sail Wassail

Draftmag.com review of Wassail.  


Full Sail LTD 03 - An Award Winning Pilsner

LTD 03 garners Silver at the World Beer Championships, "Best of the Northwest" at the USBTC and Bronze at the US Open Beer Championship.  


Session Named One of the Healthiest Beers by Austin Fit Magazine

Austin Fit magazine breakdowns the healthiest beers in the state, country and around the world and our own Session Lager made the list!  


Session Black Named one of America's Best Beers - Men's Journal Magazine

Men's Journal Names Session Black of the Best Beers in America!  


Full Sail Brewing Wins Another Gold at the Great American Beer Festival® For Session Black

Sometimes two Sessions are better than one! Last year, Full Sail received a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival® for Session Premium Lager, and this year, their brand new Session Black Lager won the gold.  


When Workers Take Charge

Chief Executive Irene Firmat and her brewmaster husband James Emmerson converted their business, Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, Ore., to a worker-owned company in 1999. Firmat said they wanted to avoid being bought by a larger company and "incentivize the [47] people already working there."  


Seen Through the Glass Session Black Lager

You folks know I love the session beers, mm-hmm. So when Full Sail put out word that they were making a Dark version of their successful Session Lager, I got in touch and asked 'em for a sample. They sent three 11 oz. stubbies, and I'm getting into them tonight.  


Beer of the Week - Session Black

You can't always judge a beer by its color. As for taste - strap in your taste buds: The crisp tongue-tingler rides a flavor roller coaster across caramel and chocolate, with tangy floral hops hiding in a rear seat. Once you go Black, you'll never go back.  


Full Sail Brewing Woos New Audience with Dark Beer

Appealing to the fun side of Northwest beer enthusiasts, Full Sail Brewing is launching a bold bid to expand its successful Session brand with a dark lager.  


Full Sail Brewing Celebrates Ten Years of Employee Ownership with the Release of Session Black

It’s Short, Dark and Drinkable  


Drink Up - The Denver Post Recommends LTD 02

The Denver post says LTD 02 is a perfect quaff for an afternoon barbecue or an evening under the stars.  


Full Sail Brewing Named as One of Oregon's Best

Full Sail Brewing Company Recognized as One of the “Best Green Companies to Work for” by Oregon Business Magazine  


In Session - Tasting Table Recommends Session Lager

Skip the extreme beers for equally flavorful, less-potent brews...this Hood River, Oregon, brewery's take on the classic American lager is crisp, creamy and thirst-quenching.   


Full Sail Brewing receives sustainable tourism award from Travel Oregon and Oregon Tourism Commission

Full Sail Brewing Company, nationally known for its award-winning beers, was recently honored by Travel Oregon and the Oregon Tourism Commission with their 2008 Sustainable Tourism Award.  


Full Sail Named One of The Top 20 Micro Breweries in America

Here are twenty of the best microbrews America has to offer and the towns to drink them in.  


LTD 02 Wins a Third Gold at the World Beer Championships

GOLD MEDAL - RATING: 92 points (Exceptional)  


Six Beers for MLB'S Opening Day

Baseball is back, and what better way to christen your team's season opener than by kicking back on Opening Day with some ice-cold beer? Here are six beers for MLB’s Opening Day that'll go down nice and smooth at your first party of the year. They're fairly widely available and shouldn't cost more than $6 or $10 for a sixer.  


LTD 01 Wins a Fourth Gold at the World Beer Championships


State of Oregon Honors Full Sail Brewing Company for Sustainability

Full Sail Brewing Company was honored by the State of Oregon for their outstanding commitment to sustainable business practices.  


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