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8 Beers For Holiday Party Survival

Solid seasonal offerings from Northwest breweries to give your office shindig or family gathering a bit of double-digit ABV excitement.  


The 7 Best Seasonal Winter Beers

Full Sail Wassail named one of the best beers of the season.  


Full Sail’s Amber named World’s Best & Session Lager named Americas’ Best at the World Beer Awards

Full Sail’s Amber named “World’s Best” & Session Lager named “Americas’ Best” at the World Beer Awards  


Full Sail LTD 05 Vienna Lager Named Top 25 Beer of 2013

...Our annual ranking of the best-reviewed selections from the past 12 months. Culled from our monthly Beer Buying Guide, these represent the most dynamic and exciting beers reviewed this year. They exhibit extraordinary craftsmanship, innovation and quality at prices that still represent affordable luxury.  


Full Sail Brings Home Lager Bling

During the last few years, Full Sail has been giving lagers some extra TLC. In fact, their Session and LTD lines exclusively feature different styles of lagers. I’ve tasted, enjoyed, and written about several.  


Full Sail lagers win big at World Beer Championships

Full Sail is Oregon's biggest and best lager house...  


10 of the Best Microbreweries in America

The recent revolution of American microbreweries has shifted the beer industry’s interests to quality, not quantity. And if you’re a beer lover, that’s an amazing thing…  


Full Sail Lagers Sweep the World Beer Championships

Every Lager Crafted by Full Sail Brewing Company Wins Gold or Silver Medals at the 2013 World Beer Championships  


Wassail one of Top 10 Winter Beers

Brewed by Oregon’s Full Sail Brewing Company, one of the U.S.’s first craft breweries, this multi-award-winning winter warmer has been ushering in the holiday season since 1988. The bottleneck label speaks of the brewery’s environs, depicting a postcard-like view of the Hood River Valley with snow-topped pines and the majestic Mt. Hood rising in the background…  


10 Best Holiday Beer Buys of 2013

LTD 06 Black Bock named one of the 10 Best Holiday Beer Buys 0f 2013.  


You are GORGEous: Full Sail Brewing

The second stop on our tour of the Pacific Northwest Gorge is Full Sail Brewing. This brewery is hands down my favorite brewery to bring guests to for a great brewery tour  


Fall Beers Worth Every Single Calorie

Featuring our LTD 06 Black Bock. "Tastes like: Being wrapped in your favorite thick, cozy blanket. You'll get dark chocolate, fresh-roasted coffee, plus caramel and fig. Pair it with: Comfort desserts like bread pudding and pie. Decadence with decadence, we say...  


The Women's Libation Movement: Oregon's Full Sail Brewing Co. Makes An Actual Feminist Beer

Our latest Brewer's Share Experimental brew gets a mighty shout-out. "Yes, not only does Oregon boast a relatively inexpensive housing market, scenic, bridge-laden landscapes and resident badass Carrie Brownstein, it's also home to a plethora of world-renowned craft breweries. On top of it all, Hood River’s employee-owned Full Sail Brewing has recently elevated my Pacific-Northwest crush to a new level by publicly combining my two all-time favorite things ever: feminism and beer."  


Full Sail Brewing Pairs New Brewer’s Share Experimental Beer, Duffy’s Counterpunch with Thelma & Louise

Full Sail Brewing releases a new beer in their Brewer’s Share Experimental line up: “Duffy’s Counterpunch,” an Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale crafted by Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Duffy.  


Amber and Session earn Top Honors at the World Beer Awards

At the 2013 World Beer Awards our Amber Ale and Session Premium Lager added two more gold medals to the brewery’s extensive list of awards and accolades. On top of that our Amber was named "World's Best" and our Session Premium Lager was named "The Americas' Best".  


Full Sail Brewing Celebrates the Hop Harvest with Fresh Hop Pilsner, Brewed with Salmon Safe Hops

Every year, Full Sail’s brewers patiently wait for the days until the hop harvest is ready to go. When the call from the farm finally comes, the brewers set out in their truck straight for the hop fields. They bring back the freshest of hops from the field and into the waiting brew kettle. Just hours away from the farmer’s field, these fresh hops are fragrant with grassy, herbal, citrus and floral aromas.  


Full Sail 26 Cascade Pilsner

Full Sail Brewing 26 Cascade Pilsner is the brewery’s newest creation and will be used as their year-long 26th Anniversary beer. Brewmaster Jamie Emerson and crew have been steadily putting out some really good lagers in the last few years, but I think this is hands down one of the best...  


Full Sail Brewing Company Releases 26 Cascade Pilsner for their 26th

One of the most wonderful parts of being an Oregon brewer is that we have so many hop fields nearby. During harvest the hops brighten the air with their wonderful aroma. Our 26th anniversary beer is a tribute to all those hop growers, whose family farms have been passed on generation to generation, and like our barley farmers, grow one of the four foundations for all brews.   


Top 10 burger restaurants in the US

September 18th is National Cheese Burger Day how about washing one down with a cold bottle of Session.  


Full Sail Brewing hosts The American Craft Beer Cookbook Signing

Full Sail Brewing is excited to host a book signing of The American Craft Beer Cookbook at their pub with author, John Holl. Join Full Sail Brewing on Wednesday, September 18th from 5-7pm to meet the author of this newly released book. Local bookseller Waucoma Books will be on site with books for sale for $19.95.  


Hop Harvest in Oregon

Each year I look over my shoulder and see that the rest of the country is gaining on us. Oregon is no longer such a rare and special beer place. Other cities have dozens of breweries, great alehouses, gastropubs, and so on. And a few are even near a field or two of hops. But exceedingly rare are the cities a mere 45 minutes from a major hop-growing region.  


Fresh Hop Season is Upon Us

Oregon has given the beer world a new tradition: Fresh-hop beers made with vine-fresh, unprocessed hops. Thanks to our brewers and hop growers, nobody else in the world can boast the number and quality of fresh-hop beers, nor the series of fall festivals around the state that celebrate them. Hop harvest is shifting into high gear...  


Hop Till You Drop- A Day Touring Hop Farms with Full Sail Brewing

The ubiquitous hop- a beloved ingredient among brewers and beer drinkers and it’s true what they say, Oregon truly loves their hops. For people that enjoy beer but don’t get the opportunity to see the ingredients that go into making their favorite pale ale or porter, a hop can seem like an intangible thing. You may know what it is but you don’t see how it gets from the farm to the brewers, leaving a lot to the imagination...  


8 Great Post-Run Beers

There’s no replacing the nutritional boost of a protein smoothie with electrolytes after a run. But there’s also no substitute for the joy of a cold beer after a hard workout. Here are eight delicious American craft beers that can satisfy any palate; from the light-beer lover to hardcore hop head.  


Full Sail Ahead: Brewer Dishes on the Current Brew Scene

Call Jamie Emmerson obsessed with freshness. He won’t mind. Emmerson, executive brewmaster of Hood River’s Full Sail Brewing Co., has a few thoughts on the rapid expansion of the Oregon beer scene.  


Full Sail Brewer's Share Berliner Weiss Review

For the Summer 2013 release, assistant brewing supervisor Chris Haveman tried his hand at a Berliner Weiss, a half-millennium-old style of sour wheat beer (usually spelled with an “e” on the end of “Weisse”). Chris’s Summer Delight Berliner Weiss uses 50% wheat and 50% barley. Hersbrucker hops cut the sweetness without adding much bitterness. But the tartness is still there, giving sour-beer aficionados a refreshing, easy-drinking summer alternative to the more potent Belgian sours.  


Session Premium Lager - Full Sail Brewing Company

This is a very well done pilsner that fits the label in both being a "session" beer and being a "premium lager". At 5.1% ABV, this beer can easily be enjoyed over the entire day. As far as premium.....those who are or have brewed, either professionally or at home, can attest that brewing a sessionable lager leaves absolutely zero room for any flaws in the beer.  


Full Sail Brewing Releases New Brewer’s Share Experimental Beer, Faria's Clara Helles Lager

Full Sail Brewing Releases new Brewer's Share Experimental Beer for Oregon Craft Beer Month  


10 Healthier beers (and how to choose one)

Here's what USA Today has to say about Session..."Full Sail Session Lager: This full-bodied, old-school brew is a far cry from bland mass-produced lagers. With a positively measly calorie count and plenty of flavor, this classic beer is perfect for any summer gathering or meal. Plus, it comes in adorable "stubby" bottles with sweet retro labels. What's not to love?"   


Savor 2013 Thoughts, Impressions and Suggestions

...Full Sail Brewing Company from Hood River, OR with their LTD 03 Bohemian Pilsner paired with a micro arugula salad and pickled strawberry vinaigrette Strawberry gelee with prosciutto...  


Full Sail Bourbon Barrel Stout Review 2013

Whiskey aficionado Richard Thomas reviews our Bourbon Imperial Stout and gives it an A- Rating  


Pale Doppelbock Employs Plenty of Citrusy, Peppery Hops

Oregon's Full Sail Brewery took cues from 17th-century German monks to create something extra special to commemorate its 25th anniversary on Sept. 27 last year...   


Full Sail Brewing joins the ALS Therapy Development Institute in the Ales for ALS Campaign to Battle Lou Gehrig's Disease

Full Sail Brewing is proud to be one of the 38 craft brewers across the country that has joined the Ales for ALS campaign in support of the ALS Therapy Development Institute’s (ALS TDI) mission to discover and develop effective treatments for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  


9 'Light' Craft Beers for Summer

The Daily Meal recommends 9 craft beers for summer and Session is one of them!  


Full Sail Session Black Premium Lager is worth a try

Over the Memorial Day holiday I picked up a couple of 12 packs of the Full Sail Session Black Premium Dark Lager and the Full Sail Session Premium Lager for general consumption. Both beers went quickly, but the dark lager was the first one I had to make a restock run for, I had multiple requests.  


8 Beers to Try This Summer

The Weather Channel forecasts 8 beers for summer and Session is one of them!  


Full Sail Brewing Releases New Brewer’s Share Experimental Beer, Bello-Torres y Amigos Lager for American Craft Beer Week

To celebrate American Craft Beer Week (May 13-19th), Full Sail Brewing will release a new beer in their Brewer’s Share Experimental line up: “Bello-Torres y Amigos Lager” crafted by Maintenance Supervisor Eduardo Bello and Bottling Technician Leo Torres.   


Sustainable Beer, Full Sail Brewing

To celebrate Earth Day KATU featured local Companies that are going above and beyond. Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson how Full Sail manages to make great tasting beer while having one of the lowest water usage ratios in the industry.   


Full Sail Brewing Co. Expanding Taste

A great sample of a brewery that has been built from a labour of love. These beers have been brewed with taste, quality and importantly fun in mind.   


Cheers to the Class of 88... and before

“On September 27, 1987 we opened our doors to living the dream,” says Full Sail founder and CEO Irene Firmat. “A dream to open a small brewery that focused on quality, creativity, and authenticity; a brewery that we would run with respect for our employees, the environment, and our community.”  


Full Sail Brewing Earns Gold Level Recognition for Sustainability from Travel Oregon

Full Sail Brewing is among a select group to achieve Gold level recognition in Travel Oregon’s Sustainable Business Challenge! Through Travel Oregon’s Sustainable Business Challenge Full Sail Brewing has once again been recognized for their commitment to the environment.  


Hood River puts Portland to Shame in Number of Breweries per Capita

Could it be that little ol’ Hood River has a greater concentration of breweries for its population than any city in the world? That’s based on the presence of Full Sail, Double Mountain, Big Horse and Pfriem.  


Full Sail Brewing Releases New Brewer’s Share Experimental Beer, Mathias’s Main Ingredient Oatmeal Stout

Full Sail will release a new beer in their Brewer’s Share Experimental lineup, "Mathias’s Main Ingredient Oatmeal Stout.” The beer was brewed by Chef Mathias Engblom to celebrate the brewing and culinary arts, and it just so happens that February is Stout Month.  


For Northwest Brewer's, It's (Still) About the Water

So, with all the ingredients that go into beer — the hops, the grain, the yeast- does the water really matter? “It definitely matters, what water you use. Water is 90-95 percent of the beer for most all beer, with the other percentage being alcohol."  


Lights go out, but Ravens power on, in thrilling Super Bowl XLVII

In the section "Ten Things I Think I Think" our Amber gets a shout out. "Beernerdness: ... the best beer I had here -- though it's not from here -- was the Full Sail Amber, from Hood River, Ore. Dark brown and flavorful, and lighter than it looks. Just a terrific taste."...  


Hood River's Craft Beer Boom

In the 25 years since Full Sail Brewing Company crafted its first beers, the quaint mountain town of Hood River has amassed an impressive array of high-quality breweries and brewpubs. Full Sail’s success laid the groundwork for a large piece of Hood River’s future as a craft-beer-producing mecca.  


Full Sail Brewing Releases Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

After over a year of aging deep in the cellar of their brewhouse, Full Sail Brewing will release their 2013 vintage Bourbon Barrel Aged offering, Full Sail Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. This highly anticipated release from the Brewery’s vintage barrel series has been a Full Sail brewing tradition since 1998. Every year since, the Full Sail crew brews an imperial style dark ale and fills roughly sixty oak bourbon barrel casks, then waits patiently for a year.  


Brewery Announces a New Video, Full Sail Brewing: Beer, Water & Responsibility

Full Sail Brewing has just announced the release of their latest video “Full Sail Brewing: Beer, Water & Responsibility. The video was filmed locally by Larvick Media features scenic footage of the Columbia River Gorge and the Hood River Valley. It is narrated by Full Sail Brewing’s Executive Brewmaster, Jamie Emmerson and shows the steps the Brewery takes to conserve this precious resource achieving one of the lowest water uses to beer ratios in the industry.  


Full Sail Brewing Company Celebrates its Employee Owners with a New Brewer’s Share Beer Introducing Vendell Veizen Weizen Bock

Full Sail Brewing is proud to announce the release of a new beer in their Brewer’s Share Series – Vendell Veizen Weizen Bock, developed by Assistant Packaging Supervisor Wendell Bryant.  


2012 The Year in Beer - Full Sail Turns 25

Their 25th anniversary beer --- 25 --- was a typically bold Full Sail beer, a “pale doppelbock” that shows off the brewery's growing rep as Oregon's best lager house. As they describe it, 25 is a complex, luxurious beer brewed with Vienna Malt and Saaz hops and extended lagering produces full bodied flavors of caramel and honey with a hoppy backbone of white pepper and lemon spice. As their anniversary present to us, 25 is available through 2013...  


Czech Lagers in Hood River

Czech lagers produced in Oregon? Surprise! We've been brewing them for a while. Beervana's Jeff Alworth goes into detail about Czech styles with Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. Na zdraví!  


Full Sail Brewing Announces a New Rotating Pub Ales Series

Full Sail Brewing has just announced the release of a new rotating line of classic ales called the Pub Series featuring classic ales previously enjoyed only by guests at the brewery  


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