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Question: I like your beer, but is it vegan?--without animal ingredients/by-products such as isinglass, honey, etc?
Answer: All our Full Sail and Session beers are brewed with four natural ingredients water, malt, hops, and yeast.  They contain no sugars, HFCS, preservatives and no animal products are used. Our farmers plant non-GMO varieties for our hops and malt so you can enjoy with confidence. Click here to read more about our practices.

Question: Why did you change to pry-off caps?
Answer: We used twist caps for a few years as a convenience to our beer fans, but we couldn’t get a consistent twist across all the brands...the bigger and stickier the beer, the harder to twist off the cap. So, we’ve gone back to pop tops. Now our caps say “tools required.” So it's going to take a little effort to get at the delicious beer inside, but it's worth it.

Question: What does the date code on the bottle label mean?
Answer: We want you to enjoy each drop of our beer exactly the way Brewmaster Jamie intended, so we date stamp the enjoy by date on the lower left of the Full Sail labels and lower right on the Session labels. After the code date passes, the beer's profile will begin to move toward malty flavors as the hop flavors soften and maltiness comes up.

Question: I love Session IPA will it be available year round?
Answer: Yes, we are brewing Session IPA all year.

Question: Do you give brewery tours?
Answer: Yes, daily, on the top of every hour from 1 to 4 PM.

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