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Brewmaster Reserve

Our Brewmaster Reserve series allows us to put our creativity, innovation and passion into small, limited release beers.


Our Brewmaster Reserve series allows us to put our creativity, innovation and passion into small, limited release beers. These craft brews highlight the direct connection with our farmers, celebrate the art of barrel aging, and explore the effects of time. Some of our beers, like our fresh hops brews, are meant to be enjoyed just after harvest, intensely fresh from our farmers’ fields. Others like our Bourbon Beers, carefully aged in Bourbon casks, tempt our patience and grow smoother and even more interesting with time.

Wood barrel aging is an art form. When done right, it’s a wonderful thing. Our barrel aged beers have been a Full Sail tradition since 1998 when we joyfully discovered what happens when you pair vintage barrels, dedication, and patience. Every year since, we’ve brewed a beer, filled roughly sixty oak bourbon barrel casks, and then aged them in our cellar for a year. We rack this special beer in small batches, available in only very limited quantities. It cellars well, so if you store a few bottles in a dark, cool place and be patient, you will be rewarded for your effort and restraint. 

Our Brewmaster Reserve brews are on draft at select taverns and bars, and in 22 oz. bottles at retail.


Available for the Holidays

Brewed by the Full Sail crew, this annual favorite is a sublime hybrid of an American style IPA and a winter warmer. The result is a bold brew that celebrates the holidays with an intriguing blend of Centennial hops providing elegant citrus notes balanced by a backdrop of a rich caramel malt body. Dry hopped to amplify the aromas and flavor.

This four time gold medal winner is available in 22oz. bottles and draft. ABV 6.5% IBU 68



Available While it Lasts!

As a brewer that believes deeply in environmental responsibility, we made the decision several years ago to invest in a mash filter. This investment saves over a million gallons of water a year and as a brewer there is nothing more sustainable than reducing our water use impact. Not only does it save lots of water but it also let's us brew some very tasty and unique beers.

We brewed this 100% Wheat Malt beer to celebrate our 27th anniversary. Our 27th Anniversary Wheatwine is brewed in the Barleywine style, but contains no barley malt, instead, it is mashed and brewed with 100% Wheat Malt. The beer has a rich golden hue and is brewed with Wheat and CaraWheat Malts and hopped with a blend of UK and NW hops. Complex aromas of apricot, spice, and citrus lead to a smooth palate, blended with notes of caramel, marmalade, and green hop overtones. Doesn’t that sound like a great reward for being good or what? And for turning 27. Cheers! (ABV 9.5% IBU 53.5)


Available February 2015

Full Sail Bourbon StoutIn the 1990s, a master distiller visiting from Scotland, and a Brewmaster from a small brewery in Hood River, serendipitously crossed paths. Over a pint or two, they shared their labors of love and pondered a rather intriguing question: what would happen if beer and distilled spirits met somewhere along the way? The outcome of their inspiration was Full Sail’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, an annual celebration of the best of American beer and American bourbon. With a tip of the hat to the Scotsman that inspired the idea, we offer this finely crafted beer for a limited time.

Our Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout is a highly anticipated release from our Brewmaster's cellar. This beer was brewed in December of 2013 and was carefully aged for a year in Kentucky Bourbon casks from Jim Beam and Four Roses. This extended aging presents hints of vanilla and allows the Stout to pick up the flavors of the wood, bourbon and oak. The aging accentuates the robust character of the Imperial Stout and brings out the depth of flavor from the bourbon creating an overall elegantly sophisticated beer.

This year’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout is inky black with aroma of dried cherry, shaved chocolate, and whiskey. It has a full malty palate with flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, cherry, dried figs and a subtle hint of molasses. It finishes deliciously warm on the palate.

It cellars well! Limited availability in 22oz. bottles and draft. Available February 2015 until it’s gone! ABV 10.5% IBUs: 40 (Formerly known as Black Gold)  Video: "The Art and Science of Barrel Aged Beer"



Available Late August until Gone!

As brewers we are always reliant on nature’s bounty, from the quality of the barley harvest to how the hops weathered through the Oregon summer. But no moment brings this relationship to sharper focus than our fresh hop beers. When we brew with fresh hops, timing is everything. There’s such a small window of time to take advantage of these fresh hops. We need to get them into the brew kettle within hours of picking while their oils and resins are still at their peak. It takes five to seven times more hops to brew a fresh hop beer, but it’s absolutely worth it. There are distinct flavors and aromas that you can only get brewing with fresh hops.

Our Fresh Hop Pilsner is a hop lover’s delight! Brewed with local freshly harvested Salmon-Safe Perle hops from Sodbuster Farms. The fresh hops impart floral and sweet fruit notes to this special edition Pilsner. Fresh Hop Pilsner presents a deep golden hue and white foamy head with a delicate floral and spicy nose. A pronounced malt body and slight sweetness complement flavors of mango, papaya, and spice that end with a crisp hop finish. Combined, this makes for a refreshing late summer brew.

This  draft-only brew is ABV 7.3% IBU 54 Click here to view the Oregon Hop Harvest


Of course, you are the ultimate judge, but click here to view our Brewmaster Reserve awards list.



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