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Summer Internship - Brewer

Posted: 2/16/2015


Full Sail Brewing Company’s summer internship program is designed to give the student a true, hands on experience in our brewery, working independently and as a part of our brewing team.  Working under the direct supervision of former OSU Fermentation Science graduates, our intern will be primarily focused in brewing and cellar operations.  After comprehensive safety and workplace training, interns will be expected to be capable of performing specific tasks required of our production team. 


Responsibilities to include:


Fermentation monitoring (specific gravity and temperature tracking, sanitary sampling);

Yeast management (removing yeast in preparation of filtration, harvest and pitch);

Cleaning (manual cleaning of equipment and workplace, semi-automated vessel CIP);

Raw materials handling (stocking and weighing of malt and hops, forklift training provided); and

Packaging (assist packaging as necessary).


Much of what the internship will consist of depends on the effect and capability of the candidate.  We want this person to make meaningful contributions to our peak production months, and reward hard work and talent with more responsibility.  In addition to cellar responsibilities, our candidates work side by side with professionals in all aspects of our world class operation.  We view this internship as an opportunity to preview a potential future hire should a position become available.  We have been able to add a valuable full time member of our team through this process once already. 


Full Sail provides a $10/hour wage and generally 40 hours/week.  We look for a commitment from an individual for the entire summer - beginning within a few days after school completion in June and ending within a few days of school starting in September.  Must be able to have flexibility in scheduling to potentially include nights and weekends.  Candidates should be prepared for a physically and mentally challenging position.  Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver's license.


 Ideal candidates would be 3rd or 4th year students majoring in an applicable science program.  Students in a fermentation science program is a plus.  

Pre-employment drug screening required on all job offers.
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