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Bet You Didn't Know Just How Green These American Breweries Are

While most breweries use 6 to 8 gallons of water to produce a single gallon of beer, Full Sail Brewing has knocked their usage to only 2.5 meaning they're conserving up to 4.1 million gallons of water a year. They are also very proud of the fact that their brews are made from only four natural ingredients; water, malt, hops and yeast.   


Session Cream Summer Ale Joins Full Sail Brewing’s Award-Winning Session Beer Series

Next in Full Sail Brewing’s Session Series lineup is the newly released Session Cream Summer Ale. It’s a classic American beer in a classic American bottle just in time to celebrate American Craft Beer Week.  


Brewed the Sustainable Way. That's Full Sail's DNA

You'll hear it time and time again at Full Sail Brewing Co: “Sustainability is in our DNA.” From VPs and sales personnel to brewers and bottlers, it is a ...  


5 Breweries Doing Good for the Enviroment

Whether it's innovative sourcing, sustainable manufaacturing, or energy-saving processes, each of these five are making a better, and greener, beer for all to enjoy.  


Cycling, coffee and beer in Hood River, Oregon

Located 50 miles upstream of Portland, Oregon’s Hood River is another desirable location for lovers of the outdoors, especially those who like to combine sublime riding with coffee and beer.  


Top 10 Spring Beers

“The double bock style (also known as doppelbock) is characterized by a thick and hearty maltiness that makes for a meal in itself. Full Sail's rendition remains faithful to tradition, offering full-bodied notes of dark dried fruit and nutty caramel delivered courtesy of generous malt helpings…”  


Full Sail Brewing Session Black Lager

“What a beautiful lager! It pours dark brown with sweet and toasted malts on the nose. It has a great roasted malt profile and is smooth and crisp on the tongue with a nice finish. This is definitely a beer to be enjoyed with friends around a fire, talking about the exploits of the last month. Enjoy with a hearty beef stew. Booya!”  


Lagers Enjoy a Renaissance

“The bandwidth of lagers is rather narrow, but they have their refreshing role to play. None did it better than our No. 1 brew, Session Premium Lager from Full Sail Brewing, clean, crisp, lively and fresh. Session, surprisingly, is not made entirely of malted barley. It uses a touch of malted wheat as well. Apparently, lager producers have found ways to be creative without exploding the genre…”  


Oregon’s Top 10 Craft Breweries & Local Pubs

“Being the second largest producer of hops in the USA, it is no surprise that Oregon has a thriving craft brewery scene, with approximately 185 companies located throughout the state. From traditional brewing methods to experimental brewing, the craft beer scene is diverse with something for every beer lover. Here is a look at some of the craft brewery highlights found throughout Oregon.”  


Bock is Reviewed by The Ledger

Oregon's Full Sail Brewing Co. takes a German doppelbock for a West Coast spin, giving this full-flavored brew pronounced flavors of mocha and pine ...  


2014 Bourbon Barrel Beer of the Week

“A beer of this magnitude will last years in the cellar with proper care, but we were eager to sample the 2014 vintage from ours.”  


Neufutr.com Reviews Bock

“This beer has enough twists and turns to keep individuals interested through two or three bottles, which should be more than enough to put a memorable cap on the night. Few companies are able to do bock beers right, but Full Sail is able to create in their Bock an effort that is able to be delectable for long-time fans of the style and for those that are actively searching for beers to expand their palettes.”  


Thirsty Thursday: Session Premium Lager

“I popped the top off of the Session Premium Lager to find an illustration of a pair of scissors underneath the cap. Before even taking a sip, I knew that this was the perfect beer to take to a party, because it has a game built right into it. Underneath each cap is rock, paper or scissors, so opening Session beers with a friend can result in a competition.”  


A session beer veteran’s take on the low-ABV trend

Some thoughts on session beers from one of the style's O.G.s  


8 Must-Try Oregon Imperial Stouts Released in February

"February is Stout Month, when Oregon brewers roll our their most precious dark secrets for us to try. This February 2015 alone there are EIGHT new imperial stouts in bottles from Oregon breweries that make for an ideal time to re-stock your cellar, or maybe just your fridge."  


Columbia Gorge Breweries Form Breweries in the Gorge (BIG) Alliance

Breweries In The Gorge (BIG), a new craft beer alliance representing breweries large and small from both sides of the Columbia River Gorge region in Washington and Oregon, debuts during Zwickelmania on February 14th.  


Full Sail Brewing Releases 2015 Vintage Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Full Sail Brewing has announced the release of their 2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. The annual release of our barrel aged beers is a celebration of the best of American beer and American bourbon.  


Full Sail Brewing adds Double Bock to their Pub Series line up

Full Sail Brewing has just announced the release Double Bock in their rotating line of classic beers called the Full Sail Pub Series.  


New Year, New Beer Full Sail Brewing Releases Session IPA

IPA’s are insanely popular these days. But let’s face it, sometimes it feels like there’s a hops arms race going on. That’s why we came up with Session IPA. It’s a Premium Pale Ale that thinks for itself. Not too hoppy. Not too bitter. Not too malty. Just right…we like to call it Session-ability!  


Full Sail Brewing Introduces New Session Series with Export Premium Golden Lager

Our new Session Series gives Session fans three additional ways to enjoy Session-ability as their tastes (and the weather) changes.  


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