Full Sail

10 American Beer Companies That Think (and Act) Green

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Our article Green Beer Minus the Food Coloring informs you about the environmental impacts of beer production and encourages beer drinkers to try more organic, “craft” varieties. What that article doesn't mention is that it's possible to drink regular beer while still being good to the planet, as long as you know which environmentally sustainable breweries to buy from. In fact, some subscribe to the logic that one can offset their carbon footprint entirely by drinking beer produced in a sustainable fashion. While we're not completely sold on that idea here at ChasingGreen, as it would require one to drink an awful lot of beer, drinking beer that's been responsibly produced is certainly much better than the alternative. And that's why we're providing you with a list of some of the most sustainable brewing companies, along with their individual green actions.



Full Sail Brewing Company: Based in Hood River, Oregon, this second largest craft brewer in the state cuts down on energy use and water consumption by 20 percent simply by compressing its work week into ten-hour shifts. Full Sail also installed energy-efficient lighting and air compressors to reduce their energy use by 400,000 kWh each year. And because Full Sail takes care of its Mt. Hood water by implementing practices that reduce water consumption, they use 3.1 million fewer gallons of water per year.