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Fermento’s Foamy Rant - Beer News from Alaska

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Fermento’s Foamy Rant
Beer News From Alaska


If it were for the nose alone on Full Sail Brewing Company’s LTD 03 (Limited Edition #3), I would be in love. But I don’t have to depend on just that to enjoy this one. Still, being a lager, any beer that gives me that almost custard/vanilla aroma off the top rocks my world. It implies a softness, non hop-invasive beer that’s just gentle on the nose and the palate. The beer just reeks of delicate softness, something I know I can enjoy with the best of the salads I love in front of the warmest fires on an Alaska winter night and as a quencher when done with shoveling that next load of wet snow off the driveway. Here’s another beer where the hops are restrained, giving the sweet, fresh, delicate malts center stage.

The flavor is just slightly more aggressive, but not by much. Everything’s in balance in this beer from the initial smooth malt sweep across the palate, followed by just enough hop flavor and bitterness to not only balance the beer, but keep it interesting. This is a beer my
mother might dash with salt, in that old- world way, but I wouldn’t change an atom. The center sweetness is alluring, and again soft, as is the mouthfeel in this pristinely produced 5.6 percent lager. If it wasn’t so late at night, I might run out and build a salad and compliment it with a slab of swordfish, knowing that both elements would find equal footing in my sensory pleasure. I love the overall deli- cacy and regal-ness of this great beer and am headed out tomorrow to find some more.