Full Sail

In Session - Tasting Table Recommends Session Lager

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Skip the extreme beers for equally flavorful, less-potent brews

The high-alcohol beers sweeping the craft-brewing scene are great, but you're limited to one or two bottles before your head starts spinning.


But microbrews don't need to be brawny to be big on flavor. Low-alcohol or "session" beers can be just as tasty as their more potent siblings. Plus, you can drink several of them without getting too buzzed.


Session brews, dubbed "bitters" or "milds" in England, typically average 5 percent ABV or less and are both balanced and drinkable. The categorization can encompass many styles, from tart wheat beers to inky stouts and funky saisons. Even microbreweries with reputations for crafting rocket-fuel beers are adding sessions to their roster.


Look for these bottles at your local shop, or order them online from Liquid Solutions. We dare you to drink just one.


Full Sail Session Lager (5.1 percent ABV) Bottled in 11-ounce "stubbies," this Hood River, Oregon, brewery's take on the classic American lager is crisp, creamy and thirst-quenching.