Full Sail

The Connoisseur's Light Beer - Featuring Session Black

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"Session beer is an idea, not a style like, say, a stout. Quite simply, they are brews that are interesting, but not over-the-top. Light, but not bland. Or, in a word: drinkable. Yes, the term infamously tagged to Bud Light in a 2008 ad campaign seems to go against much of what the craft-brewing world stands for. From Portland, Maine, to Portland, Ore., artful brewers fight crowd-pleasers like Bud with bold flavors, loads of alcohol and in-your-face names—the punnier, the better. Strong, loud beer is good beer, the hop-heads say; "lite" is a four-letter word.


Full Sail Session Black Lager

Here's proof that light beers can be dark. An American take on the German Schwarzbier, Session Black Lager looks intimidating in a glass (though not in its cute, stubby bottle), but punches like it's wearing kid gloves. Effervescent with a hint of chocolate. 5.4% ABV"