Full Sail


Come on by our Brew Pub and check out what's on tap. We always have a wide variety of award-winning brews on tap and in the bottle waiting to quench your thirst for a righteous craft beer.  

Our year-round favorites

Full Sail Amber Fourteen time Gold Medal Winner. Malty sweet, medium bodied with a reddish amber hue and a spicy floral hop finish, this is one great tasting beer. Brewed with Mt. Hood & Cascade hops and two-row Pale, Crystal & Chocolate malts. ABV 6% IBU 31

Full Sail IPA
Our IPA is less ordinary from somewhere extraordinary. Generously hopped to 60 IBUs with Yakima Valley hops our IPA is thirst quenching, with a pronounced citrus flavor and a full malty body. Brewed with Centennial hops and two-row Pale & Crystal malt. Five time gold medal winner – World Beer Championships. ABV 6% IBU 60

Cascade Pilsner
A classic Pre-Prohibition lager crossed with a Northern German Pils, this beer is a Northwest take on a European Classic. Intense aromas of citrus and pine are supported by a medium bodied, dry malty palate, all balanced with a long clean herbal bitterness. ABV 6.4% IBU 60

Bringing back pre-Prohibition style American lagers

Session Premium Lager Five time gold medal winner and named “America's Best Premium Lager” at the 2010 World Beer Awards. An extremely tasty import-style lager, like the kind of beer made back in the pre-Prohibition days— plenty of flavor that goes down clean and smooth. American and European hops offer a wonderful noble hop aroma, and the two-row barley malt and a touch of wheat malt give a pleasant, refreshing finish. ABV 5.1% IBU 18 Pint $3.75, Half pint $2.75

Session Black Premium Dark Lager  Carrying the mantra of drinkability into new territory, Session Black debuted in mid-2009 and has already won six gold medals. Most beers this dark are so heavy-duty, you could eat them with a fork. Session Black lets you have your dark beer and drink it, too. Subtle caramel and chocolate malt flavors help make Session Black short, dark and totally drinkable. ABV 5.4% IBU 22 Pint $3.75, Half pint $2.75

Session Fest Lager Session all decked out just for the holidays! Bright red body, brilliant white head, no sleigh required. Session Fest is a Czech-style strong red lager (gotta love the Czechs!) called polotmavé. Balanced candy caramel and full malt flavors with a spicy hoppiness. Perfume of citrus and pine, finishes long and clean. ABV 6.2% IBU 26

A rotating series of limited edition lagers

LTD 07 OKTOBERFEST A true Bavarian Style, moderately hopped with imported Czech Saaz and Yakima Sterling hops. Flavors reminiscent of honey, nougat and roasted nuts. Complex and beautifully balanced. ABV 5.7% IBU 26

LTD 05 VIENNA LAGER For those who love amber ales, here’s a lager that is so crazy good you might convert to lagerism. This copper colored lager is refreshingly smooth, with a hint of dark roast and a clean hoppy finish. Brewed with pale, chocolate, caramel malts and hopped with Czech Saaz hops. ABV 5.6% IBU 28

Beers brewed especially for our Tasting Room & Pub

Passport Lager Brewed in the Dortmunder Export style, Passport pours with a rich golden color and a frothy white head of foam. German and Czech hop varieties impart a characteristic noble hop aroma with subtle herbal and spicy notes. Hop bitterness is low, malt sweetness is slight, and both are balanced with a firm, smooth, mineral/malt character. This crisp and refreshing brew is perfect for a stand- alone refreshment or as an enjoyable accompaniment with food. ABV 5.7% IBU 33

Lawnbräu pours a golden-orange hue with a light white head. Hints of orange and spice in the nose carry forth on the first sip. Light malty body with a crisp hoppy finish this is an easy drinking pale ale well suited for your summer drinking pleasure.
ABV 5.1% IBU 47

Wassail on NITRO
Wassail’s complex malt character steps forward in this nitrogen-conditioned version of our classic winter ale. Aromas of chocolate, toffee and cherry with hints of roast and dark chocolate on the palate complement the crisp spice and floral hop flavors. While winter is still a few months off, this one’s perfectly appropriate for the crisp days of autumn.ABV 7.2% IBU 56

A rotating series of classic Pub ales

Wassail Wassail is brewed with a range of caramel malts and dark chocolate malts giving it a deep mahogany color and a full malty body. We used a blend of European noble hops and Pacific Northwest aroma hops for a pleasantly hoppy finish. ABV 7.2% IBU 56

English Pale Ale A thirst quenching copper ale with flavors of toast, light caramel and a mild hop finish. Willamette and Golding hops provide a slightly fruity note to round out the light malty flavor. ABV 5% IBU 30

A series of small-batch beers created by individual brewers, with proceeds going to their charity of choice

Mathias's Main Ingredient Oatmeal Stout Mathias’s Main Ingredient pours with a thick creamy head and the color of dark chocolate courtesy of our own Full Sail Pub chef, Mathias Engblom. The oatmeal in this stout provides a full body on which to support the darker roast and caramel flavors. The beer has a smoothly rich, complex palate with notes of chocolate, toffee, and espresso. Northern Brewer hops provide a slightly spicy back note in this ale. Mathias has chosen to support VFW Post 4273 in his hometown of Sandy, Oregon, honoring the dead by helping the living. ABV 5.58% IBU 51

Faria's Clara Helles Lager
Brewed by Brewer Francisco Farias Martinez, this highly quaffable beer is straw blonde in color and pours crystal clear in the glass. It has a light body and a delicate hop flavor, with a dry clean finish. Every pint of Faria's Clara Helles Lager benefits the Hood River Valley Adult Center Meals on Wheels Sponsor a Senior program. ABV 6% IBU 25

Small, limited release beers showcasing our passion, innovation, and creativity

27th Anniversary Wheat Wine To commemorate our 27th year of brewing, we’ve created a beer brewed with 100% wheat malt. 27th Anniversary Wheat Wine is brewed in the Barleywine style, but contains no barley malt. A rich golden hue, 27 is brewed with Wheat and CaraWheat Malts and hopped with a blend of UK and NW hops. Complex aromas of apricot, spice, and citrus lead to a smooth palate, blended with notes of caramel, marmalade, and green hop overtones. ABV 9.5% IBU 53.5 Half pint only, $6.00, 5oz. $2.50

Fresh Hop Pale Ale
Our Fresh Hop Pale Ale is a hop lover’s delight! Brewed with local freshly harvested Salmon-Safe Simcoe hops, this draft-only brew is a rich golden/orange hued pale ale. Our Fresh Hop Pale Ale has a full malty body with biscuit and caramel malt flavors favorably support hop notes of spice and citrus. ABV 6.7% IBU 58

ASK FOR CASK! We're now featuring a rotating selection of cask-conditioned brews, many crafted with experimental hops. Ask your server for what we have on cask today. 

We feature a rotating selection of local wines from the Columbia Gorge Winegrowers.  We are now offering selections from Springhouse CellarMaryhill Winery, and Mt. Hood Winery

Imperial Pints $4.50

Half Pint $3.25

Session Bottles $3

Bucket of Session $15

Taster Trays 6 five ounce samples for only $10

Soda, Coffee or Tea $2

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer Bottles $2.75

Hood River Coffee Company Coffee $2

Local Wine $7.50-$8.50 a glass

Glass Growlers with Beer $19.00, Refills $12.00, Empty $9.00

Stainless Steel Braulers with Beer $55.00, Refills $12.00, Empty $45.00


½ barrel kegs (15.5 gallons) = 120 pints
Available Beers – Amber, IPA, Pub Ale Series & LTD series $140
Brewer’s Share Series $145.
Session Lager & Session Black $120.

We have a limited offering of 1/6 barrel kegs (5.16 gallons) = 41 pints
Ask for Available Beers - $57.

The tap rental fee is $5.  A $200 credit card deposit is required until keg and tap are returned.

Pick Up Hours – 11 am until 9 pm daily @ Our Pub, located @ 506 Columbia Street Hood River, OR.

No reservations necessary – kegs are readily available

The person picking up and transporting the keg must be 21 and is required to complete Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) paperwork. They will need a driver’s license and vehicle information, including license plate of vehicle transporting the keg. For additional questions call 541-386-2247.