Full Sail

How big a bummer was Prohibition? As if taking everyone's brew away wasn't bad enough, hundreds of little independent breweries that once made super tasty beers basically got worked. And when they went out of business, America not only lost the breweries – it lost what American beer used to taste like. Session is our way of bringing back the pre-Prohibition American Lager. Session's all about drinkability but never at the expense of character.

So who is the quintessential Session drinker? That's hard to say, really. You see, virtually everyone who likes beer likes Session. Whether they're craft beer aficionados, import drinkers or devotees of lawnmower beers, Session is the one beer they all can agree on. Session's neither a micro, a macro, nor an import. It's a little of each. And yet, none of the above. In other words, Session is a true original.